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Feb 15, 2013 8:00am PST
for more than 135 years. we have more monitoring centers, more of tomorrow's technology right here today, and more value, 24/7 monitoring against burglary, fire, and high levels of carbon monoxide starting at just over $1 a day. and now get adt installed for just $99. this is the computer that didn't get stolen, keeping priceless phoos and financial records safe. this is the reason why. you can't predict when bad things will happen, so help protect yourself with adt. isn't your family worth america's number-one security company? call and get adt installed for just $99 and ask about adt pulse, advanced home management here today. adt. always there. jon: right now new info and some crime stories we are keeping an eye on. a potential blow for prosecutors trying to prove a new york city cop plotted to kill and yes, eat women. the judge has ruled jurors will not be shown certain gruesome images. his defense attorneys says he engaged in fan satisfactory sees in online chat rooms and didn't mean any of it. a former mayor in san diego admitted she stole $2 million from her late husband's charity
FOX News
Feb 12, 2013 8:00am PST
. we've known that the chinese have been helping the north koreans proliferate this technology and we haven't done anything about it. so we need to have a new attitude. jon: so susan rice's statement that quote, we'll do the usual drill, meaning in the u.n. security council, not good enough for you? >> well certainly not good enough, because the u.n. has been at this sanctions game for about a half decade, actually a little bit more. it hasn't stopped north korea because they know that the chinese will always help them to undercut the sanctions. so sanctions are great and we should try to get more in place but we need to also rely on ourselves and not look just to the u.n.. jon: all right. so if you were president obama, what would you do? what would you say tonight? >> well i think what we would have to say is that the united states is going to make sure north korea doesn't sell any of this stuff and we will use our navy to do so. we'll put the sanctions into place. we will sanction any nation including china helps north korea proliferate its nuclear weapons technology. we have to re
FOX News
Feb 11, 2013 8:00am PST
and applied technology. hitting these areas, especially the research labs, is a bigger blow than just numbers of weapons. jenna: what about the people that say, you know, numbers don't matter when it comes to nuclear arsenal? you only need a few of these weapons to cause a lot of damage, it's sill already my u.s -- silly for us to sit on so many simply because we can. >> well, it's a reasonable question to ask, a lot of people would have on their minds. but you have to think of it perhaps in this way: if someone was looking to attack the united states with a lot of missiles -- and there are a lot of nations with a lot of missiles aimed at us -- if we wanted to have even just one nuclear deterrent going the other way, we have to have a lot of options in a lot of places in order to survive that kind of strike and retaliate. these are extreme circumstances, but as we learned with unfortunate developments in the world, sometimes these extremes are necessary. jenna: sometimes it's hard to entertain some of these scenario, scary as they are, but it does come down to national security, and a lot of
FOX News
Feb 14, 2013 8:00am PST
they did. we have the best technology in the world, best airplanes, best tanks, best ships, best submarines. but to maintain the edge you have to get out there and use that equipment and you have to trainee effectively. ships must sail. our pilots must fly and ground forces have to train realistically at home to prepare for war. that's what is going to be cut back. jenna: you can't help but think about the military families that are going through that. sending someone into war without all the, the proper training, how can we look ourselves in the mirror if we're doing that? whether or not we're politicians or civilians standing by watching this. >> i think that's what the air force chief is trying to do to the american people and congress who are listening to them is try to bring this home a little bit. we talk about we'll not be ready. what does ready mean? jenna: do you get the sense people believe that though? that politicians are listening it that and take it in or do you think there is exaggeration of sorts? >> i think there is certain immunity there in a sense the defense budget is ve
FOX News
Feb 18, 2013 8:00am PST
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Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10 (some duplicates have been removed)